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 Our Druid Way

The Tradition & The Order

          'Avalon' is the modern name for the pre-Celtic and Celtic Otherworld; a place of healing, respite, and renewal from one life to the next, which also defines numerous physical locations in the Isles, Western Europe, and Northeastern America. Though the Avalon Mystery (or 'Avalonian') Tradition is remembered in Celtic and Arthurian literature, it originates with the First Ancestors of those three lands; the ancient "speckled" people (or "Braithion") who were among those the Celts called 'Fae', and whose passing established their homelands as our ancestral lands.  While all Avalonians draw from a common wellspring of Sacred Story and Landscape, The Avalon Druid Order (ADO) follows
the native, Root Wisdoms and worldview of these First Ancestors. Thus, we are  not 'New Age', Revivalist, or Celtic Druids, but an Order of Braithion Avalonian Faery Druids following our far ancestors into the dawn of a new age: the Age of Aquarius, the Well Maiden.

          The Order is currently a registered, 501(c)(3) religious non-profit charity in the United States with a small, international core membership. Over the past twenty years, our Founder has reintegrated the teachings of various Avalonian Tradition Elders into a coherent body of work; teachings which are now being passed on to our Core Members.  In conveying these teachings to new members the Order promotes world healing, while preserving our Spiritual Tradition for future generations.


          Everything in reality emanates from, and returns to one consciously aware, generative matrix, Wellspring, or Source, in a continuing cycle of death and rebirth through which all beings achieve eventual spiritual evolution, renewal, and enlightenment. The mind (or 'god-consciousness') of this generative matrix imbues and informs all things and beings.

Spiritual Practice

          The object of our spiritual practice is mindful Self-Transformation as a way to Healing, Self-Empowerment, Sovereignty, Spiritual Truth, and Awen (O.W. "flowing spirit or inspiration"). We change the world by transforming ourselves and our communities. The centre of our spiritual practice is Avalon's Healing Cycle; a set of practices and observances through which we rebalance and (re)attune to the heart of the Wellspring or Source of All Life as it expresses through the Awen of the native, archetypal Isle of Avalon.

          The Healing Cycle is defined by Avalon's Sacred Story Cycle, whose Branches mirror the seasonal Tides and the divisions created by the Fixed Signs of our Sacred Year, and provide a map for our progress through Avalon's Star Temple ; the earliest of several ancestral Zodiacs inscribed in the Sacred Landscape.  Spiritual renewal is achieved through re-connection with Nature and our fellow beings, presence in the moment, and attunement to Avalon's Dreamtime; the primal, primordial reality which pervades and unites Waking and Dreaming (or Otherworld) realities.


          Our Druids are spiritual metaphysicians and meta-physicists who train for up to twenty-one years, earning their authority through regular study, skill, and practice, and regular, demonstrable service within our community. Candidates for the Novitiate undertake a Dream of Calling, through which the ancestors reveal each candidate's path to greatness within the Order.

Member Training​​

          Not all members become ADO Druids or Craftspeople; those who cannot, or who do not wish to devote the time and energy necessary for intensive spiritual practice and service may choose to remain Tribes members indefinitely.  Ancestral beliefs, teachings, and practices, are conveyed through direct observation and experience, mentored and independent study and verification, and a process of enquiry known as "the Hunt", which teaches us how to find our own answers within the context of Braithion Avalonian Faery Druid Tradition. Our 'answers' are never fixed, but evolve with our understanding and experience.  Study within the Lifetime Membership is self-paced, and advancement is merit-based.

Learning Circles & Groves

          Aspirants (prospective members) and ADO Lifetime Members are encouraged to start local Learning Circles  as a way to support and expand their own spiritual studies and practices, and to sustain the Tradition and the Order.  These Circles may later become ADO Hearths, Henges, or Groves . When there are no new Aspirants to train, we mentor each other.  The distances between members and Groves, we span using methods and technologies such as  Members Forum Chatrooms , and Teleconferencing.

​​How to Join​​

​           All Aspirants who successfully complete our 9-month Home Study (the Aspirant course) become candidates for Lifetime Membership.  The course introduces you to Traditional teaching methods, the ancestral worldview, and our Sacred Story Cycle, provides you with appropriate Guides and the basic Dreaming skills necessary to participate more effectively within our community, and forms the basis of Learning Circle study and practice. Mentoring is provided by members on a volunteer basis.  The one-time Aspirant Fee ($310 USD, including PayPal fees) helps to fund ADO general operating expenses, and includes nine months (176 hours) of mentored lessons and written assignment feedback, plus expanded access to other ADO Member resources. (Deferring your Fee payment may limit your access to these benefits.)

          Most Aspirants spend 7 hours per week completing basic lesson assignments; successful Aspirants and new Lifetime Members generally devote an additional 7 hours per week to verification, learning to apply the ancestral worldview, and practising their newly acquired skills.  Experience teaches us how to integrate our spiritual beliefs and practices into our daily lives by allowing it to inform our choices and actions, freeing up valuable time and energy. Tribes members may then devote about 4 hours per week to group lessons and mentoring, and about 30 minutes a day to personal spiritual practice in addition to living our spiritual worldview. Of necessity, the demonstrable commitment made by Druids and Novices is significantly greater.

          To learn more about ADO Tradition, membership, and spiritual community, we invite you to explore the rest of this site.  Feel free to bring your questions to us at our  Member Forum  (you may post as a guest without registering), or to write us at the ADO Email .  We will be happy to assist you.  To Donate, or to order a Seed Package (a brochure, plus the first two lessons of the Aspirant Course), to pay your remaining balance, or to make full payment and enrol in the next Aspirant Course, please visit the  " Join ADO"  page . We look forward to sharing the journey with you

Bendithion Afallon ("Blessings of Avalon")!