The Light of Awen

Inspirational Offerings on Avalon and the Tradition by our Members

          One way in which Braithion Avalonian Druid Tradition is the same as other forms of Druidism is that it encourages members to strive for excellence in all that we do, and to cultivate artful, eloquent forms of expression in service to ourselves, our community, our Gods, and the ancestors.  Poetry, music, storytelling, dance, and visual arts are the primary ancestral media, and they remain so, today.  Although we are at present a small community, our members are people of talent, insight, and skill, and we are proud to feature their work here as often as they are able to provide it.

          At present, the primary outlet for member work is the ADO e-Journal, "Messenger of the Gods" (affectionately dubbed, "The MoG", a complimentary copy of which may be found near the bottom of this page). However, in the near future we plan to add videos and podcasts illustrating and clarifying basic Braithion beliefs, skills, customs, and practices, and possibly offering members access to training in certain areas which lend themselves to distance formats; ambitions which will require us to expand our present expressive media repertoire to include modern technologies.  It's a transition which must be negotiated with a mind to its implications and direction for our community.
"Midsummer Sunset" by Alan McKenzie
The Transition to Modern Technologies
Maintaining our Grip on the Ancestral Worldview
          There is a tendency for people and communities to adopt new technologies before their real implications and impacts have been adequately assessed, and nowhere is this more evident than with 'smart' apps and social media. Industry leaders admit that these technologies are engineered to create and sustain addiction: self-sustaining psycho-emotional feedback loops, which undermine real human contact and interaction.  The truth of these assertions is self-evident, which is why the ADO has resisted adopting 'smart' apps and 'social media'.

          However, the need to reach out to distant members and Seekers, remains.  We are currently preparing to create a series of short videos and podcasts designed to clarify aspects of Braithion Avalonian Druid spiritual belief and practice, and provide a window into our community.   The placeholders at right indicate the themes for our initial projects.

          If these prove effective, then we may add media to our Members (password-protected) pages; creating guides for basic Aspirant and Member skills, such as grounding, centring, banishing, shielding, and warding, and eventually, seasonal podcasts of our sacred chants, and an online course in Traditional Avalonian Herbalism; skills which are more easily learnt and assessed at a distance.
Coming Soon: Welcome Message from Our Founders
Coming Soon: The First Ancestors
Coming Soon: The Braithion Worldview
​​          Since direct oversight by an experienced Mentor is essential to performing magic and ceremony safely, these online files will simply reinforce Traditional, face-to-face training.  "The hardships of pilgrimage" were one of three conditions named by the Celtic Bards as being necessary to spin up the Cauldron of Wisdom, and the willingness to undertake them remains just as essential for training today.  But if technology can help to span the gulf left by our lack of a local community without causing damage, then we are happy to employ it.

​          Please check back to this page for updates.  Once we begin uploading videos, we will welcome your feedback!  In the meantime, we would like to direct your attention to our existing public resources, below.  (ADO Member resources may be found on the Resources page of this website.)
Messenger of the Gods
         As seers, storytellers, and travellers of the Hidden Ways, the Merlins of Britain were known to our ancestors as "Messengers of the Gods".  Our e-Journal (affectionately dubbed, "The MoG") serves a similar purpose, carrying news of Avalon to distant people and places. It is published for public download here as an 11"x17" folding PDF booklet; a format which allows us to use larger font sizes for easier reading.

         "Member Exclusives", such as the Members Directory, are available through the Publications portion of our Resources page. General interest articles are published at our Blog (below). Should publication of "The MoG" be delayed, member community news and developments will be posted to the appropriate boards of our  Members Forum . (You must be a paid Aspirant or Lifetime Member to register for full access.)
Cover Design: Morgaine Bergman.  Editor:  M. Bergman.
Cover (above) & Thumbnail art for "MoG" articles (below) Amanda Clark
         At present, "The Messenger of the Gods ('The MoG')" is on hiatus as we recruit more regular contributors. New issues will be available for download once full publication resumes. In the meantime, please check the Forum quarterly for membership news, and enjoy this issue and the Blog articles at the links below, with our compliments!​

NOTE: Beautiful, quality artwork is part of what makes "The MoG" special. Members' work is featured whenever possible, supplemented by the work of established artists outside of the Order. Our thanks to visual artists  Amanda Clark  and  Joan Medina , and photographer  Philip Tonkyn , for permission to feature their work in our e-Journal and related promotional materials. You  may see and/or purchase their work by visiting them at the links provided.