The Light of Awen

Inspirational Offerings on Avalon and the Tradition by our Members

          Like other Druids, ADO Druids are encouraged to always strive for excellence, and to cultivate artful, eloquent forms of expression in service to ourselves, our community, our Gods, and the Mighty Ancestors.  Poetry, music, storytelling, dance, visual art, design, and architecture, are the primary ancestral media, and they remain so for members, today.  Our present community may be modest, but our members are people of talent, insight, subtlety, and skill, and we are proud to feature their work here as often as they are able to provide it.  Please enjoy the following original artwork, articles, and videos, with our compliments.
"Midsummer Sunset" by Alan McKenzie
Coming Soon:  The Order & The Central Hearthfire --The Magic of Gathering
The Transition to Modern Technologies
Maintaining our Grip on the Ancestral Worldview
          At present, the primary outlet for member work remains the ADO e-Journal, " Messenger of the Gods " (affectionately dubbed "The MoG"). However, we live in an electronic age, and print media is not an ideal medium for an oral tradition.  Unfortunately,  for many reasons "social" media is equally inappropriate. However, short videos and/or podcasts appear to have a different impact, which is better suited to the needs of an oral tradition such as ours.

          Provided our audience was actively listening, video and podcast would engage the same sensibilities as the oral tradition. The trick is to entice you to remain active, when most programming encourages you to dis-engage; ignoring any subtle, symbolic levels or deeper implications. Since this will require a new and innovative approach on our parts, there is bound to be a steep learning curve.

​​          We will begin with a series of short, public YouTube videos  providing a window into our spiritual community.  The placeholders at right indicate the basic themes for these projects.  If they prove successful, then we will create a basic visual library for members, illustrating and reinforcing basic skills and augmenting distance training for Lifetime Members in areas such as Traditional Spiritual Ablutions (i.e. grounding, centring, banishing, shielding, and warding), Healing, Herbalism, Sacred Landscape, and Star Lore.

​​         Of course, electronic media cannot replace direct oversight by an experienced Mentor [key skills, such as ritual ceremony, must still be taught face-to-face], but if used appropriately, a visual library could make ADO accessible to more Seekers.  We expect to begin these projects sometime next year.
Coming Soon:  The Braithion, The Stars & The Sacred Landscape
Coming Soon:  The Joy of the Hunt (or 'Quest') & The Power of Ritual

​          Please check back to this page for updates.  Once we begin uploading videos, we will welcome your feedback.  In the meantime, we would like to direct your attention to our existing public resources, below.  (ADO Member resources may be found on the Resources page of this website.)
Messenger of the Gods
         As seers, storytellers, and travellers of the Hidden Ways, the Merlins of Britain were known to our ancestors as "Messengers of the Gods".  Our e-Journal (affectionately dubbed, "The MoG") serves a similar purpose, carrying news of Avalon to distant people and places. It is published for public download here as an 11"x17" folding PDF booklet; a format which allows us to use larger font sizes for easier reading.

         "Member Exclusives", such as the Members Directory, are available through the password-protected Publications section of our Resources page. General interest articles are published in "The MoG" and at our Blog (below). Should publication of "The MoG" be delayed, member community news, announcements, notices, and developments will be posted to the appropriate boards of our  Members Forum . (Only paid Aspirants and Lifetime Members may register for full access.)
Cover Design: Morgaine Bergman.  Editor:  M. Bergman.
Cover (above) & Thumbnail art for "MoG" articles (below) Amanda Clark
         At present, "The Messenger of the Gods ('The MoG')" is on hiatus as we recruit more regular contributors. New issues will be available for download once full publication resumes. Until then, please check the Members Forum quarterly for membership news, and enjoy this issue above (11" x 17" folded PDF booklet), and the related Blog articles at the links below, with our compliments!​

NOTE: Beautiful, quality artwork is part of what makes "The MoG" special. Members' work is featured whenever possible, supplemented by the work of established artists outside of the Order. Our thanks to visual artists  Amanda Clark  and  Joan Medina , and photographer  Philip Tonkyn , for permission to feature their work in our e-Journal and related promotional materials. You  may see and/or purchase their work by visiting them at the links provided.