Grove Charter

  • Review the Grove Charter Application/Renewal Form and list all the information you will need to enter before you begin to fill it out.
  • Have all the information in front of you --including all Consent Forms -- when you sit down to complete and submit the form.
  • Allow about half an hour to enter the data into the form.
  • You may only submit the form once, so proofread your responses, and make sure they are complete, before you submit it.
  • Choose a Grove name that is unique, but Tradition appropriate.  At need, ask your mentors for guidance.  Do not use your Grove name until it has been approved by the ADO Elder Council.
  • Consider doing Immrama and Shared Dreaming together to help you determine how best to prepare yourselves to assume your new responsibilities.
  • Solicit advice and information from ADO members who are, or who have been, ADO Grove Heads or members, to give you a sense of what to expect.
  • Discuss your plans with your life partner in advance, explaining the time commitment you are proposing to make.  You will need their active support and cooperation to make your Grove work!

Tips for streamlining the application process:

Application for ADO Grove Charter
or Renewal/Reinstatement

          INSTRUCTIONS:   You must be an adult ADO Lifetime Member to apply for Charter.  Complete all form fields before submitting form for review.  Forms which omit information, or which divide information between multiple form submissions, or which submit unverifiable member information or use Tribes/Grove names rather than legal names, will not be processed.  Check your answers before you submit.   Only submit the forum once.

Your submission of this form constitutes your formal, legal, written consent ... for the ADO to share your information with the US government, and include it in the Order and the Grove's records, databases, and directories on condition that the ADO does not share or sell this information to third parties, and children will not be included in any ADO Directories except by prior written permission of their parents or legal guardians.  You further vow ... to adhere to all ADO member requirements, including keeping confidential the contact information of all ADO members, except where prior written permission has been granted to share it.  You further attest ... you have obtained the appropriate written consents for participation for any Youth Members, and collectively agree to assume sole responsibility for their safety and well-being; holding the ADO, its mentors, and members, harmless for any injury resulting from their participation in ADO teachings, practices, activities, and events.  Please submit copies of all Parental Consent Forms via email or postal mail at the time of this application.  Forms may be downloaded from the ADO website Resources page.

Grove Charter / Renewal / Reinstatement Application

First, Middle, Last Name & Member Number of Grove Member Contact:
Primary Email of Grove Contact:
Proposed Name of New Hearth, Henge, or Grove:
Grove Officers Names, ADO Mmbr #s, Dates Joined ADO:
Home Phone of Grove Contact (incl. country and area codes):
Other ADO Members who will be Grove Members:
Grove Learning Circle(s) [Enter all Circle Names that apply]:
Names & Mmbr. Numbers of Aspirants Currently in Grove Learning Circles:
Are you Applying to Renew or Reinstate Grove Charter? (Y/N):
For Reinstatement, Please state steps taken for compliance:
Date of Initial Charter Application:
Date of Application for Renewal / Reinstatement: